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    Project Manager

    Here's Nikhil Kshettri, an experienced Project Manager with a background in business administration. After seven years managing logistics, Nikhil is currently turning his professional attention towards software, a new territory he is exploring with enthusiasm.

    He's taking on the challenge of learning Python, demonstrating the flexibility and tenacity that served him well in his managerial role. This career shift is a testament to Nikhil's adaptability and commitment to personal growth.

    But Nikhil's interests extend beyond his work. He has a fondness for Bollywood movies and music, often spending his free time engrossed in a film or enjoying the rhythm of a song. This pastime offers a welcome balance to his professional pursuits.

    Nikhil is thus charting a new path, transitioning from Project Manager to a beginner in software development. This shift, coupled with his love for Bollywood, paints a picture of a well-rounded individual who is not afraid to explore new avenues. His journey is a reminder that it's never too late to embrace new challenges and learn new skills.

    Nikhil Kshettri
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