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    Prakriti Khanal

    Co-Founder / Software Developer

    Prakriti Khanal is the Co-Founder and Software Developer at Parsedom. She grew up in a small town in Nepal, where she developed a passion for social work and helping others. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Social Work, Prakriti started her career at a local non-profit organization, where she worked with disadvantaged communities to improve their lives.

    However, Prakriti also had a keen interest in technology and software development. She taught herself how to code in her spare time, and eventually landed an internship as at Rangaa Pvt Ltd. It was there that she met her future business partners, and together they founded Parsedom, a company that specializes in data extraction and acquisition.

    As a Software Developer at Parsedom, Prakriti is responsible for developing and maintaining the company's data extraction framework, as well as handling client relations and data acquisition. She is known for her technical expertise and ability to deliver high-quality solutions that meet her clients' needs. In her free time, Prakriti enjoys learning new coding languages and keeping up with the latest developments in the tech industry.

    Prakriti Khanal
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