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    Sabin Mishra

    Software Developer Intern

    Meet Sabin, a dynamic individual with roots deeply set in the vibrant city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Having secured a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, he has always showcased a knack for blending thoughtful reasoning with modern technological solutions. Now, as a student at Tribhuvan University, Sabin is pursuing a Master's in Data Science, further honing those analytical skills. Sabin's commitment to excellence is evident in the work done at Parsedom. Here, he works with tools like Python, Django REST, and React. His primary goal is to enhance logical thinking capabilities for programming and meet the highest standards in the field.

    As the journey continues, he is determined to seamlessly integrate the realms of data science and programming. The vision is clear: to stand out not just as a top-tier data scientist but also as a programmer who can navigate through complex challenges and innovate.

    Sabin Mishra
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